Gadgets are some of the best ways to improve your gaming experience and gaming skills. Phone controllers are one of them that are quite useful when you are playing FPS games that require more than two fingers to be used to click on each button you need. Most of them will enhance your reaction time compared to other players.

Most of these gadgets are not expensive, so with a few won predictions today, you can buy a lot of equipment to enhance your gaming. This won’t help you become a professional player because most of them are forbidden when it comes to eSports, but headsets, mice, and keyboards are also considered gadgets, so you can get one that’s better than what most players are using.

Why Are Gadgets Important?

Many gadgets were manufactured a long time ago, but people didn’t use them like today because they were not very accessible and the prices were much higher. This changed in the last decade when games became more advanced, and players were unsatisfied with the offer. This trend is still where people order large pieces of equipment to make their gameplay more interesting.

For example, racing games advanced quite a lot because of new gadgets like steering wheels and racing chairs that cost a couple of thousand dollars. But it’s worth the money if you like these games because it feels like you are really driving a car or any other vehicle.

This goes for VR, which is the next level of gaming, where you are closing the distance between reality and gaming. It overall feeling you get in the VR is outstanding for horror games which is what hardcore gamers are looking for.

Most Important Gadgets

The most important gadgets include keyboards, mouses, and headphones. Most gamers tend to buy items that look like a gaming set but are actually very cheap and poorly made. But manufacturers are doing a great job of making things look appealing. You can’t find a great keyboard for less than $80 or great headphones for less than $100.

Many cheap versions will work great for average gamers, but if you are competitive, remember that you are going against players with expensive equipment that will give you a slight advantage. A mouse is not a big deal compared to the other two, but professionals say that they see the difference between an average mouse and a great one.

New Gadgets

Even if VR has been on the market for a while now, there are new versions that have better features. One of the features includes three new cameras with sensors placed on the controllers for your hands which gives increased precision for anything you do in-game. The only downside for the new VR headset is that it costs $1500.

Streaming has become very affordable over the years, and one of the most useful gadgets is a streaming deck. This piece of equipment looks like a small DJ panel with many switches. But it’s very useful because it makes the life of streamers much easier. The price for a good deck is around $200.

If you love racing, the new Logitech racing wheel is outstanding compared to the competition. It has multiple options on the wheel and the reaction time is the fastest on the market. The downside is the price which is $1000.

Mobile Gadgets

The mobile gaming industry became huge in the past few years, which is why their gadgets are booming on the market. The most popular one is the controller, which makes your life much easier and gaming much more fun.

They are mostly used for fps and racing games, but it can be used for any other if you are used to handling a controller. The price depends on where you buy it from and the quality, but a good one will go for around $60.