WordPress template
WordPress template

Picking the right topic for your blog is a significant stage to set up your little internet-based domain. Whenever you’ve picked your specialty and concluded what blog stage to utilize, the main thing holding you up from getting your website live is sorting out what you need it to resemble.

If you don’t watch out, you can stall out on this plan and format stage for quite a while. It’s not unexpected a reason I hear concerning why new bloggers haven’t as yet been sent off.

Does that sound recognizable?

It’s justifiable that this obstacle is difficult to survive. Your blog is your child. You’re pleased with your substance and you need the right blog plan to show it off to the world.

What to search for in a blog layout

A speedy Google looks for your foundation alongside “the best WordPress themes for blogs” will show you a close perpetual rundown of destinations offering blog formats. You’ll see a blend of free and “premium” topics (that you’ll have to pay for). 

All things considered, the exceptional subjects are preferred quality over the free ones, however, that doesn’t imply that each superior topic is destined to be of great quality. Nor does it imply that you can’t observe great subjects that are free-you certainly can! For each topic you think about contributing your time as well as cash in introducing, assess it as indicated by the accompanying standards:

Does the blog layout meet your requirements?

Before you start your pursuit, it’s vital to sort out what you need from a blog layout given your substance. The objective of your blog configuration is to make your substance sparkle and to make an agreeable perusing experience for your guests.

To get a few thoughts of what you could require, investigate the web journals you love perusing (odds are good that the ones you appreciate perusing most are presumably your cherished blog formats as well).

What do you track down truly helpful while you’re perusing these sites?

How does that apply to your own?

Is your substance better read in sequential requests? Or on the other hand, could a classification-based approach turn out better for you?

Do you want a static landing page to promote other substances like items or courses?

Sort out the elements of your ideal blog design and continue to chase until you observe a subject that has every one of the components you want. Come at the situation from your peruser’s perspective and make certain to keep them at the highest point of your psyche while you’re settling on these choices. 

Assuming that you run a design blog, for instance, wonderful huge photographs will be vital. Furthermore, assuming you’re centered more around the composition than the visuals, pick a topic that doesn’t depend so vigorously on photography.

On the off chance that you’re utilizing WordPress, modules can regularly be utilized to enhance a subject. To have the option to feature your most recent video in the sidebar for instance and can’t exactly observe a topic that fits what you need, you can utilize a module to add that part. 

So assuming you observe an almost awesome blog format, search the WordPress module registry to check whether that can assist you with the last little details.

Is the layout responsive?

Nowadays, there is not a good reason for not having a site that functions admirably on portable. In October 2016 portable Internet utilization outperformed the work area interestingly, as per Internet checking firm StatCounter, with 51.2% of traffic coming from a versatile or tablet gadget. 

That implies assuming you need your guests to appreciate perusing your blog you would be advised to ensure it functions admirably on little screens.

Most formats will have it noted regardless of whether they’re responsive (meaning they answer different screen sizes and the design changes to oblige, so your site looks similarly as on your work area), yet you can constantly look at the model site to ensure by visiting it on your telephone or hauling the side of your program in and observing how the topic responds.

Can you alter it?

A pre-made blog subject should be a fresh start for you to load up with your character and brand. Make an effort not to experience passionate feelings for excessively planned subjects that have an unmistakable style to them as of now. 

Sure that blog layout that accompanies heaps of illustrations currently set up in the header and footer might look extraordinary, however, how might it work with your substance?

What’s more, on the off chance that you can’t trade those illustrations out for ones that match your look and feel, you could wind up having a website that resembles the following blogger who chooses to utilize that subject.

They might look extraordinary at present, yet it will be difficult to make a brand for yourself when your blog resembles three different locales in your specialty. Your substance is the main piece of the site so you don’t need a topic that eclipses it.

How simple is it to utilize?

While you’re going it single-handedly, you’ll need extremely clear directions for introducing your subject. Before you focus on purchasing or before you burn through your time downloading a free topic, read the introduce guidelines and look at what backing is accessible for clients. 

If the subject site offers it, read the surveys as well. The best spot to observe this data is in the Help or Support segment of their site.

It may be load up with cheerful clients? Or on the other hand, baffled bloggers attempting to get the subject working? This is the place where buying a subject from a respectable site can be an extraordinary resource, as many proposals help buyers through the introduction cycle so you will not need to stress over something unintentionally turning out badly!

Where to track down your blog layout

The sheer number of layouts accessible online can very overpower, however, we’re here to help. The following are two or three all-around regarded subject locales prescribed by bloggers to start your pursuit:

WordPress topic index

In the WordPress.org topic index, you can channel by elements, format, and sort of site you need to make.

  • The fundamental index is brimming with free topics you can download and introduce yourself.
  • Yet they additionally have a business catalog with connections.
  • To destinations where you can buy premium subjects that accompany some degree of help.


This is a topic commercial center where anybody can present a blog plan for others to buy. 

The website lets you know the number of others who have download that topic.

And you can likewise understand audits and remarks. 

Pay special attention to the “eCommerce website templates for blogger” tick to be certain you’re getting one that will function admirably. They predominantly show WordPress topics, yet in addition have subjects for Blogger, Ghost, Jekyll, and Tumblr.


Studiopress has an extraordinary standing among WordPress clients. They offer a total bundle with facilitating included, or you can buy topics all alone. All subjects are not difficult to modify, dependable, and vigorous.


Famous among way of life bloggers specifically is piping. The topics are all-around plan, are not difficult to redo, and accompany free establishment. 

Their clients go wild about how incredible their help is as well.

So it seems like you get great incentives for cash here.

Get your site up with the right blog plan

Now that you have your agenda, you know what to search for and where to begin your pursuit.

There are no more reasons not to make your blog ready!

Assuming you as of now have your substance all set.

Picking your subject and setting everything up should be possible throughout the end of the week.

Figure you can get that going? Envision having your blog for people in general by the following week!

However, recall too that you’re not staying with the subject you pick for eternity. 

  • You’ll probably have to refresh your topic as your substance.
  • And business advance and you understand you want various things from your site. 
  • So don’t anguish a lot over the choice.
  • Pick something all around planned that you can redo.
  • And add life to with your substance and you’ll be all set.